Monday, 17 November 2014

Saintes (Nathanial)

Saintes is beautiful; we spend a day sorting laundry out and doing the Lidl thing. As Beth is in the launderette me and the boys go for a wander and find the most gorgeous church. It’s like a cathedral with cave sections and a box for confession. I explain to the boys that they need to spend a lot of time here and repent; it goes completely over their heads, as it would I guess, the only time we have ever taken them in a church is to sing ‘Silent night’. I think this is the first church I have been in that has a confession box. The church is amazing with pictures along the halls of Christ carrying his cross, it has all the leaded windows with colourful stained glass with pictures of Mary and Jesus and some others who look very important, but I have no idea who they are. Sorry God.

Being a non-believer, Alfie was feeling very uncomfortable in the Church
Alfie couldn't understand why this chap had 'balls on his chin'

On our wander we also come across an ‘amphitheater’ which looks like a small coliseum. It must be left over from when the Romans were here. This is a grand site/sight and must have been very impressive in its day.

Toms face cracks me up
It was really peaceful, then Alf & Tom got there

With time on our hands we decide to go to the flicks to see ‘Interstellar’, we were going to go in La Rochelle but decided to wait. The poster in La Rochelle stated the film had subtitles but was still in English. We did the queuing up thing and decided on our chocolate and got ready for the film, only to find out this version was dubbed in French! Thankfully we asked about this as we were about to pay, rather than just buy the tickets and go straight in. Nevertheless we were gutted, we were really ready to sit down to the film and eat loads of popcorn!

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