Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Arriving in the Peloponnese (Beth)

View for the first night.

Nathanial and I both agree that Italy had not really been what we had hoped it would be. Parts of it are undoubtedly beautiful and there are a few places we hope to re-visit another time (minus children), but as a touring destination it is sadly let down by its roads and its campsites. It is also much more expensive than either France or Spain has been for food, campsites and diesel.

I don’t think either of us had any expectations about Greece, but from what we knew of it from the news, I think our expectations were of a poor country, so we were thinking it might be on similar lines to the south of Italy.

Boy were we in for a massive but wonderful surprise. Even before we drove off the boat (onto smooth tarmac!!) we could see that the scenery was beautiful. We had chosen a wild camping spot from our book an hour’s drive away and we enjoyed a journey through some really pretty countryside. Even the other road-users are friendly and will move aside to let you pass if you want to overtake (Nathanial always does).

Wild Camping #1

The camping spot was absolutely perfect. Right on a beach looking out over the islands of Zakynthos and Kefallonia (which I have wanted to visit ever since reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin). Tom wasted no time in getting in the sea, which was perfectly clear and fantastically warm.

I'll get to Kefallonia one day

For some reason, there were very frequent visits to the spot from two police bikes, but given how they liked to stop and chat, we surmised that they liked to stop here for their breaks. Well, you would, wouldn't you?

As we were facing directly west, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, adding hues of orange, pink and lilac to the turquoise, green and gold of the day.

The following morning, we reluctantly set off to find another wild camping spot, concerned that we might just have found the perfect spot on day one. Another lovely drive and we were in Agios Kiriaki. No sandy beach this time, but still scenery aplenty and this time we had rock pools to explore. 

Wild camping #2

In the evening, Tom made another new friend and we enjoyed another sunset, all in total agreement that Greece was our new favourite country.

I'm very well-behaved. Please can I have some food? And a crocheted blanket?

Two sticks and he's happy.

Just let us know when you've had enough of the sunset pics

On day three, by now in need of water and a place to empty the loo, we set off towards a campsite, travelling first down the west coast of the peninsular, before a quick hop across to the east. More gorgeous scenery, more great roads, lots of lovely sunshine....... you get the idea by now.

At our first Greek campsite we received a warm welcome from the friendly owners and quickly settled in to our pitch by the pool. One large load of washing later (in a machine that actually spun the clothes) and we were all relaxing by the pool. The campsite has a restaurant, toilets with toilet seats (and even loo paper) and more fabulous views. All at a much lower price than most of the Italian sites.

Camping Koroni

He's always wanted one of these
We decided to eat in the restaurant after a hard days relaxing because the prices were so reasonable. Nathanial and I shared a big platter of Greek food, washed down with some ice-cold beer. Perfect.


The site was just so lovely (with fast, free internet too!) that we decided to stay an extra day. We have to be in Thessaloniki by the 14th of May and we want to see Athens on the way there, so we don’t have much time to linger in the Peloponnese, but we are already hatching plans to come back during the school holidays as we reckon with a bit of hard driving and a few long ferries we could make it in three or four days.
Tomorrow we are off again. We can’t wait to see more of this place; we are smitten.

Very Happy Campers


  1. Loved looking at your pics. ..We need to go to Greece earlier as your spring flower pic shows it is even more beautiful than when we go in summer. It can be done for summer....We do ferry to Dunkirk, a stop over
    in Remich or Stenay, a drive down to Kaisersberg ,Colmar or Breisach, a drive straight through Switzerland into Italy staying at Soragna or Fontenellato then down to Fano an hour off Ancona for the Anek camping on board boat with little pool for the boys (!) Then our mini cruise to Patras. No drive longer than six hours either. We gun it back though.....means more time there!

  2. We have never been to Greece only a couple of the islands and they were always lovely cheap and very friendly too. So pleased every thing is going so well. miss you love mum xxx


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