Sunday, 8 February 2015

Alison Steve and Jacque (Nathanial)

After meeting at the rendezvous point ( before getting lost up a mountain) we get to Alison and Steve’s place and are treated to ‘Spag Bol’ and beer. It’s lovely to catch up with Alison as I haven’t seen her for some years and up till now only really seen Steve at family dos and said the fleeting hello.

Getting lost in Ojen, what a place to lose yourself
The third family member is Jacque who is two years old and reminds me of a cross between the Tasmanian devil and Speedy Gonzales, albeit with an encyclopaedic knowledge of dinosaurs. At two the boy knows every name for all the dinosaurs that ever walked the earth, he has dinosaur toys, dinosaur games, dinosaur films, dinosaur inflatables, dinosaur books, dinosaur pictures and he even has dinosaur bones buried in his sand pit! This boy sure does like his dinosaurs.

Jacque, the dinosaur boy
Alison and Steve absolutely spoil us rotten, Alison cooks us dinners, does our laundry and Steve keeps filling us up with beer. To top it off, me and the boys have the deepest, hottest, bubbliest bath since leaving home; I am definitely coming here again.

Wild camping in the mountains near Alison & Steve's, 
Over the weekend we go for walks in the mountains and see the most stunning scenery. We have been up ‘Sierra Blanco De Ojen’, which was out of this world! We are so far south and it’s such a clear day, that we can even see Africa and below is the town of Marbella. All three boys had a great day, it was sunny and warm, and Alison & Steve made great hosts once again. 

In the mountains with our Alison, Steve and the dinosaur boy
Three wise monkeys......kind of
And the views were second to none

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  1. great to catch up with Alison and Steve I didn't realise it was so beautiful where they live and how lovely is Jacque xx


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