Sunday, 8 February 2015

Question time (Nathanial)

In my last job the kind of questions that were asked of me on a regular basis went a bit like:

How much holiday time do I have left?
Can I have the weekend off?
Where’s that budget report?
Have you returned the interview questions?
Are you attending the strategy meeting?
What’s the plan regarding the finances?
Do HR have your up-to date staff list?
Where’s the report for this months finances?
Have you set next years budgets?
Have you distributed the business plan?
How much stock do we own?
How many staff work for us?
Has what’s his name been disciplined?
Can you lose a member of staff?

You get the picture?

 Below are some of the questions which Tom has asked since travelling:

What's it all about Dad 
How do people become werewolves?
How did God make Earth?
How did God make space?
What’s inside volcanoes?
Does metal melt?
Does rock melt?
How are babies made?
Who would win – Superman or Batman?
What’s inside tyres?
What’s inside metal?
What does ‘no doubt’ mean?
Do zombies eat people or just bite them?
What’s rock made out of?
What’s metal made out of?
What’s apple juice made out of?!
Where do sausages come from?
Do vampires exist?
Where do clouds come from?
When I stick my middle finger up like Alfie, what does it mean?
What about 2 fingers?
Do ghosts exist?
Why doesn’t superman like to kill people?
Can boys marry their mums?
How does God exist?
How did Jesus come back to life?
What happens after we die?
Will Santa find us in the van?
Alfie, if you don’t believe in Santa, who do you think puts presents under the tree, stupid?
Why did only half of two face’s face burn?
Why do robbers steal things?
Where does pork come from?
What’s water made out of?
Why do cucumber, ham & bread taste so nice together?
Do some bats eat you?
Can minions or people jump higher?
What’s underneath mud?
What animal does a banana come from?
What would win between a cat and a monkey?
Why do men have balls?
Do people who speak with a lisp, write th instead of a s?
How can fat people swim ?

These are the ones I remember, I get about twenty a day, the boy sure is curious.


  1. It is a pity your memory isn't a bit better because I can remember Ethan asking similar questions so really you ought to know all the answer by now. xxxx

    1. He still does, and they're still about the same things as Toms :)

  2. Priceless, I'm so glad you wrote them down


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