Sunday, 22 March 2015

Alhambra Palace

After leaving Alison’s we went to Granada to visit The Alhambra Palace. The campsite was ok, but it was no Cabopino; we were certainly spoilt there and all agree it’s the benchmark for all campsites. This one did have a bar on site though and me and Beth decided we were due a night out, which in the event was needed after spending the day at Alhambra Palace with two little ‘bleeders’.

The two little cherubs!!!!!! (Boggers)
The palace itself is in Spain’s top 12 places to visit and it’s easy to see why. The Moorish architecture mixed with Roman design and a splash of well-maintained gardens made for a full day out. Not to mention the views from the top looking over Granada.
Alfie trying his hardest to behave
Sixth attempt at the picture due to misplaced humour
Unfortunately this was all wasted on the kids as they decided it was a day to wind each other up and take absolutely no notice of the sights we were here to see. In the grand rooms, covered in delicate designs and mosaic-ed walls, all that could be heard was “Alfie -  you’re gay!!” and “Thomas – you’re dead!!” In the peaceful serene ‘coliseum style’ outdoor arena, all we could hear were comments like “You’re an idiot” or “I’m gonna kill you” topped off with “I really need a poo”.

Grinning and bearing it
Alfie was particularly disgusted at the fact that from the roof, looking out over the buildings below, there was some bloke doing a workout on his balcony, in the nude! He was obviously very proud of himself and had no problems doing pushups and squats with his dangly bits on display for all to see.

There's just no need for it
After being amused by the exhibitionist, we decided to risk walking through the museum, but all the artefacts were hundreds of years old and all on show, well within reach of young boys fingers. It felt like being back in the glass museum in Gibraltar, so we quickly made our way through this and called it a day.

End of the day, amazingly still alive
Back at the campsite, me and Tom had time to build some Lego before the sun went down. After dinner we tucked the kids into bed and went for that swift half we had promised ourselves. The swift half turned into a full blown session and we both got extremely drunk. A whole night out for the two of us getting plastered and being served three tapas, came to a grand total of 28 euros, bargain.

Totally smashed, we needed this
The following day, with a hangover, we drove through the ‘Sierra Nevada’. Unfortunately it was a misty day so we didn’t get to fully appreciate the scenery, never the less, it was still grand. A good job really as we were driving for four hours to get to a particular campsite with an indoor pool - me and the boys were looking forward to a good swim again.

After finally getting to our destination though we were informed the pool was shut for the day and closed tomorrow! Gutted.

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  1. When you don't have the added bonus of two "angelic" children you are able to do what the hell you like when you like. so that's probably what your man was doing. I now know the reason behind the huge grins on your faces after visiting the local hostelry. Lots of love from Mum (Nanny)


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