Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Camp Nevio (Nathanial)

The day after our visit to Dubrovnik we drove north with no particular place to be, at this point we are just pointing ourselves in the direction of home and driving. We thought we were only stopping over at the next camp site as a stop break but it turned out to be so nice we stayed for almost a week.

I think I'll land here
Too cool to take his shades off!

It was another campsite with a short walk to a beach belonging to paradise, and to top it off it had a small swimming pool which the lads just couldn't get enough of. At 7 years of age, Tom has discovered the skill of sunbathing! He is now a lovely bronze colour.

Turn me over when I've cooked
The view from our camp site

Whilst here we had a great electric storm where the lightening came shooting out of the sky striking the earth. This was the first electric storm the boys had seen, it was very dramatic.

Adding a cherry to the top of the perfectly iced camp site's cake, we met two lovely people 'Ian & Jaqueline' who we shared a couple of nights eating, drinking and swapping stories with, managing to upset a grumpy Dutchman in the process. Ian and Jacqui are also taking a break from life and have been travelling around Europe in their lovely T5 since last September. It's great when life throws these unexpected bonuses at you.

After our spell of spending far too long sunbathing by the pool we needed to head for a big town to buy a new laptop. Alfie decided we weren't being challenged enough by our budget so spilled a glass of apple juice over the 'old' one (which you may recall we bought in January to replace one of the two pinched in Alicante) subsequently killing it. Thankfully the hard drive could be saved, so we haven't lost any data.

We had already decided to take the ferry back across to the mainland (Camp Nevio is on a 'finger peninsular') to avoid having to travel across the twenty kilometres where Bosnia Herzegovina extends through Croatia along the Adriatic coast. Whilst trying to find out where to buy tickets for the ferry, I went over to ask a chap with a British reg plate. Beth walked over to us and recognized the driver as being Van Dog Traveller, a blog we had read bits of from early in our planning stage. Mike has been travelling for over a year now on a budget much tighter than ours, so hats off to him.

We headed for a town called Split and managed to find a laptop. With this mission over with, our next task was to head off to see some water falls.

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