Friday, 19 June 2015

Dubrovnik (Nathanial)

After having what felt like the whole of Greece to ourselves, and with Albania and Montenegro being so very free of tourists, it came as quite a surprise when we entered Croatia. Once we crossed the border, we were  only a few miles in when we came across a number of motor homes, a few of them even having GB on their number plates! It'd been quite nice being away from westerners for a while. I don't know why I feel this way, maybe I was just expecting more of the same from Croatia and not quite so many people. Suddenly there were loads of cars on the road again which I had enjoyed a break from........

Roads I've been used to
Then this happened 

We have been travelling through hundreds of miles of beautiful coasts with surreal turquoise seas, and occasionally through mountain forests which I have only seen the likes of on TV programmes with David Attenborough in. Croatia was carrying this on with even more stunning scenery along with little islands scattered all around the coast; it felt like we were travelling through a film set.

Feeling envious of the locals below whilst driving in the baking heat

And then, strangely enough, we did. As we came around a corner we were treated to an amazing birds eye few of Dubrovnik old town, which just happens to stand in as 'Kings Landing' in Game Of Thrones. I am a huge fan of the programme so couldn't wait to explore the city the following day.

Kings Landing Sorry, Dubrovnik Old Town

We found our campsite, which unfortunately wasn't great, but we did have a great view of the sea with a huge blue/orange sky and islands breaking up the Adriatic ocean in the distance. Plus it was only a short walk to a small secluded beach too, bonus.

View from the camp site, I can live with that
A room with a view

The next day we caught the local bus to Dubrovnic Old Town; the weather was stupidly hot though. The town itself is absolutely amazing and I could recognise 'Kings Landing' straight away. It is another town with a Venetian feel to it and is completely built with huge white stones.

Apart from big white stones, there's birds too
Someone's feeling nervous 

We spent most of the day walking round and covered the town in the baking heat. We bought our fridge magnet as proof of our visit and decided to call it a day.

A perfect film location

Beth nearly had a heart attack walking back for the bus and decided to collapse in the van with Alfie when we got back. Me and Tom were having none of that, we spent the evening snorkeling. After sweating buckets walking round all day, it would have been rude not to have had a dip in the sea.

This one just can't get enough
Cooling off after a hot day exploring

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