Sunday, 26 July 2015

Malta Dam, Austria (Nathanial)

We're off to see Austria's highest damn at 200 meters high, and 1000 meters above sea level the Malta Dam. To get to the dam, we have to drive up the windiest of mountain roads which in parts of it, is only single lane.

Loving the roads, I sometimes wish I was on two wheels though
We drive by numerous waterfalls in the most beautiful  of landscapes to be greeted by a snow capped peak where the dam is.


Just to add to the beauty, in the car park at the top, there just happens to be a 'super car' meeting, bonus. Alf and Tom both spend half an hour deciding what they will have when they grow up, will it be the Porsche, the Ferrari, or the Lambo. Keep dreaming lads.

Alfie's future car
Tom's decided on this one

We walk across the dam and onto the glass view point, which is very scary for someone who is scared of heights, like me. The visitor centre was up a few steps, not many, but at 2000 meters above sea level, it's easy to get out of breath.  And after a bite to eat in the van, soaking up the scenery, we make our descent back down the mountain.

Amazing scenery all the way
The glass view point is the bit sticking out in the middle

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