Sunday, 5 July 2015

Plitvice Lakes (Nathanial)

After our spell at Zaton (Bultins on steroids) we set off to another National Park which we had read about called 'Plitvice Lakes'. I would say this was bigger than Krka with around twenty lakes, all of which had waterfalls leading into each other. There were various timed walks to choose from and we chose the 6 - 8 hour walk. Alfie was not happy.

The lakes all had boardwalks either over them or beside them or next to the falls themselves and the ticket price included a land train ride and another boat ride, not as nice a boat as Krka mind.

The place is a must for any visit to Croatia and is as breathtaking as it comes. The lakes are a fantastic colour and we even saw a snake swimming along!

The only thing with seeing so much amazing scenery as we have done on this trip, is we are going to be hard pushed to find as much dramatic surroundings on our  future holidays. I guess we are just going to have to 'up the ante' each time.

We managed to complete the walk well under eight hours, I think we even did it just under six. After such a long day we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out back at the camp site, and the odd cheeky pint.


  1. you are such lucky people! What a great trip....and as for 'upping the ante'- you've a lot of Greece still to see..thanks for the great pics and inspiration for our travels- when we can drag ourselves away from our annual Greek 'fix'

  2. Stunning as usual, you only need to do all that once and you've done it, holidays here will be tame compared, but we will see you all more often so every cloud has a silver lining. xx mum


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