Monday, 19 October 2015

Last stop - Mesnil Jumieges (Nathanial)

After Paris we went back to one of the Aires where we started our adventure. We were here last November and said then that it would be great to come back in the hotter season. It's a great adventure park for the lads which meant we could finish on a real high for them, plus I managed to work on my sun tan some more.

Tom was gutted he couldn't go on the super high ropes with Alfie, the junior ropes would just have to do
Alfie really was in the tree tops
He didn't stop playing for days

Tom, getting into the swing of things

and days
He went on this at least ten times
And let's not forget the Lego
Alfie wasn't too interested in the rides so we decided to have a day out, just me and him. We rode to a near by village and found a great Abbey to explore. We rode through the most beautiful rural France and Alfie was on top form, he's always better on his own. Of all the places we have explored over the last ten months living in a van, I think this was our best day.
A great day out, just me and Alf

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