Monday, 19 October 2015

Paris (Nathanial)

After getting the brakes fixed, we traveled through Germany for a week, stopping off at a few 'lidos' on the way. the heat was intense which for some reason I wasn't expecting here. 

We then reached our last major city, Paris. This is a stark reminder for me that we are very nearly home, which I'm dreading. I really don't want this adventure to end. 

But first lets enjoy Paris. After getting used to city driving again and the campsite not being where it should be, we finally found our way and settled in. For some reason I really wanted the lads to see the Eiffel tower. Before we even set off last year I wanted to show them this crazy structure.

This is the biggest pylon I've ever seen Dad!
After catching a bus from the campsite and jumping on the 'underground' we were in the centre of Paris. We decided to walk through the city rather than catch trains everywhere. I'm glad we did, we had a great walk by the Seine.

                               It's actually very similar to Blackpool tower
We were smiling, but it was very chilly this high up
A view from the top

After lots of queuing we had the next day in the Louvre; we actually needed about three, it's huge. We walked through Napoleon's apartments along with the Egyptian artefacts and of course the renaissance section with that painting in it.

The Tardis, better known as the Louvre

For any art lovers, this is the place to be. Apart from the famous one, there are hundreds of amazing paintings in here. The Egyptian section was fantastic with an actual Mummy, it took Tom some time to get his head round how they mummified people. Not pleasant. 
After all the sightseeing we found a little cafe with tables on the street, we thought we would treat ourselves and not bother with a pic-nic today. It was great sitting there in this lovely city, drinking French coffee and eating some posh food, just watching the world pass by. It was great sitting there without the normal everyday life stress, but I did have the nagging feeling it was coming to an end.

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