Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Altea (Nathanial)

We have heard that one of many places to visit whilst staying in El Albir, is Altea and its Church called the ‘Virgin de Consuelo’. We have been told Altea is at the heart of what Spain is about. Beth and Alfie fancied a day around the campsite so me and Tom went for a ride. We made a picnic, filled the water bottle and set off. 

Tom riding into Altea

The road ran parallel to the tram line which was very exciting for Tom, we do love train lines. Once we got into town though it got pretty busy and hilly and there were no paths, never mind cycle lanes. Tom is completely fearless around this stuff but he looked so little on the road with all the traffic. Normally we don’t do roads.

One of the streets Tom found in Altea

Once in Altea it wasn’t hard to see why it is so loved, all the streets are white washed and very narrow and cobbled. It is on the brow of a hill so the views were great. We found the Church, which is amazing, but to be honest, for me, following Tom through the streets was the highlight. 

Inside the Church was quite bland, as you can see

I wish I was as photogenic as Tom

Tom wanted to lead the way so who was I to argue? Bless him he found the most stunning side streets and back allies, and he managed to lead us all the way to the beach. We then rode back on the promenade to the campsite, but not before stopping at every play area along the way for Tom to try out!

This way Dad!

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