Monday, 15 December 2014

Orange Grove (Nathanial)

Orange Grove is a lovely little campsite near El Albir, about ten kilometres outside Benidorm. We have booked in here for nearly three weeks as my Mum and her fella, Colin, are on holiday in Benidorm with some friends and we are going to spend some time with them before heading even further south.

Orange Grove, a place to relax

The campsite is run by ‘Dai’ and ‘Derek’, a Welsh man and a Geordie - there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere - it only holds thirty odd campers and is filled with Brits, Scandinavians, Dutch, Germans and French. The site is extremely clean and all the campers are very friendly and mainly full time travellers. The weather is amazing and the campsite is full, it’s not hard to see why, there is such a lovely feel to the place and a real sense of close community.

Beth relaxing after a hard day of.........................................washing underpants!

We are the only ones with kids on the site but everyone is took with Alf & Tom and find them a proper comedy act, which makes a change from a terrorist group!

Check mate, Rooster turned out to be a real sore loser, the table nearly got turned over!

I found the pot washing area the main point to get information from, there was nearly always someone washing their pots when I was washing ours. It seems Portugal has been very wet so far this winter and a lot of people are coming back to the Med. Ron, my Yorkshire friend, was very informative and had come back from there himself. Food for thought.

Playing petanque

It seems this area has a micro climate which is different from the rest of Spain, something to do with being surrounded by mountains, so it has a relatively steady temperature all year round.

God love him for trying, it really wasn't that warm, he lasted about ten seconds

It’s nice to be based somewhere for a while and get the awning out and the chairs and rugs. It seems like we have been on the road for ages. Even in the gites, because we didn’t have the van and our stuff, it just felt like a pit stop. Now it feels like we can have a good breather, and it’s also nice to have other people to mix with, so far it’s just been the four of us, which I have loved, but it is nice to feel part of a community.  

Orange Groves' table tennis reigning champion, I knew all those years playing in the Day Centre would come in handy one day.

It’s been good to get back on the bikes too, we have covered miles going into El Albir and back. We took them on the tram to Benidorm and me and Tom cycled to a place called Altea, which was a bit hairy; the Spanish don’t have the cycling lanes like the French do.

And the showers! They are amazing. I did build a little shower room in the van, which is great when we're on the road, it means we don’t have to be stinky, but it is slightly tight, there’s certainly no stretching out in it. These ones are red hot, mega powerful, and big. Great stuff.

I doubt it's going to be a white Christmas at Orange Grove, but lovely and sunny :)


  1. Yes it doesnt matter where you are, you still have to do the chores. (Or use a clothes peg on the nose)

  2. Hi there, been pointed to your blog by Roy and Amanda (Twernt on Tour). We are currently in Albir (Cap Blanch) and staying until end of March. We also stayed here last winter Jan to April. If I see you in Albir, I'll say hello . Not many kids around so I'll probably spot you. If you have family coming, can thoroughly recommend El Cisne market - on the No 10 bus route towards Benidorm, next to Benissol campsite. Open on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Flea market in the morning then grab some lunch in the bar (or just a drink) and be entertained in the afternoon. Great Flamenco on Thursdays and Saturdays - all free entertainment. A great afternoon out. You might like to check out my blog www.thefragrantone.blogspot.com for more info about the area.

  3. Hi John!!
    I saw your Mum in Tesco and she told me about your adventure and blog so I'm following you all!
    Looks like your having an amazing time!
    Well jealous!

    Athey x

    1. Hey you, how lovely to hear from you. Yes i decided it was time to live in a van again :) This time i've dragged the family with me. We are having a great time just meandering around Europe. Hope all is well with you and yours? You take care Xx


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