Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello 4th gear (Nathanial)

The van is finally ready and I go to pick it up. Alexis has been an absolute star and stuck to his word regarding his quote, even though it took him three hours more than he thought. This still hasn’t been cheap though, with the parts on top of his time, and the tax, this has cost 1300 Euros. Ouch!
This has had to come out of our emergency fund, and although I realise that’s what an emergency fund is for; I was just hoping that if we did need to dip into it, it would be later on down the line.

Still seeing the most amazing sunsets

Saying that, it feels great to be back on the road letting my eyes soak up all the amazing scenery we are coming across. With time on our hands and the weather on our side, we stop at some of the most stunning locations for lunch, and the aires have been located in the loveliest parts of villages/towns. All of them next to a church which rings its bells on the hour every hour, starting from six am. Alfie is not amused.

The sky just seems so big

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