Monday, 15 December 2014

The shorts are on, the chicken legs are out

A couple more days of driving and we are now near Benidorm. We had one last night in France at the foot of the midi Pyrenees, and then into Spain. 

Our last day in France, not a bad view to go out on
The last leg of France was looking decidedly more dry and terracotta, as if to say ‘you are about to leave France so get ready for a change’.
Almost immediately the landscape changed from lush green country side, to dry rocky dust mountains. All the grape vines have now been replaced by miles and miles of orange trees. It's goodbye ‘Bonjour’ and hello ‘Hola’.

Neither me nor Beth are very good friends with Spain, we got robbed near Barcelona last year (and let's not mention my Spanish friend from my last job) let’s hope this trip can help fix the broken relationship. 

A rare picture, a fitting farewell to our first leg of the adventure

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