Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Gite n.o. 2 (Nathanial)

So a few days of doing nothing then, this gite is enormous, and what’s more Alf and Tom have their own beds, they have been sharing in the last gite to Alf’s utter disgust.
The lads have been knuckling down to some school work; Tom managed to spell 98 out of 100 high frequency words! I was well chuffed, we’ve only recently picked up the spelling tests again after a while off. 

I could have parked the van in the kitchen three times over
Alf has been doing some percentages and summaries of texts. Alf hasn’t rebelled nearly as much as I thought he would have, in fact his philosophy about it has been great. He knows he has to do the work because I won’t let him get away with not doing it so he has been really focusing and getting it done to “get it out of the way”. Tom on the other hand who I thought enjoyed learning, has been a nightmare at times and is quickly learning how to play me and his Mum off.

No idea what Alf is doing maybe it's the cheese
It has been raining a lot so on the first sunny day we went for a walk round the village area, Burie, and through the vine fields. 

Vine fields behind as far as the eye can see
We found the village grave yard and felt compelled to have a wander through it; we have seen a few on our journey so far. The French have the loveliest grave yards, which all seem to be Catholic, there seem to be lots of images and statuettes of Christ and Mary. What’s more, there are huge monuments of Christ on his cross through France, at the weirdest of places, we saw one on the beach in Berck, (life size!) and I have seen loads in hedge rows or on crossroads whilst driving. The last time I saw these was when I was living in Galway in Ireland, I thought it was pretty weird then too.

On our walk Tom stumbled across a lizard to his amusement, and whilst walking back we also came across a mother deer with two of her young wondering through the vines. These were very close and I managed to catch a glimpse of them first, I did a double take to find one of them staring coldly at me like a rabbit caught in headlights, then Beth saw them and finally the lads, who then shouted how cute they were which made them bolt, well done lads.

Toms lizard, its the first time the boys have seen one not in a zoo

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  1. Good luck all - can see you're enjoying yourselves - you're doing something that we would have liked to do when our kids were a similar age to yours - but we bottled it! Still we're out here now; never too late (as they say) - Have fun!


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