Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Do things happen for a reason? (Nathanial)

Personally I’m not a believer in such mumbo jumbo superstitious stuff; I like to believe that I’m a man who creates his own luck and is well in control of his own his future. I’m also a man who likes to see a silver lining in every cloud.
Saying that though, I was struggling with this regarding losing the fourth gear. We have enjoyed the week of being stuck in Saintes, but I kind of thought this was a matter of making the best of a bad situation.
But then in this second gite we had satellite TV. We put the news on to see what had been happening in the world for this last month, only to see that northern Italy and the south of France had been witnessing some awful weather resulting in mass floods. In the south of France six people had been killed in the storms, which was a bit spooky because if we hadn’t have lost fourth gear, guess where we would have been? In the south of France.

So if I am wrong in my beliefs and there is someone up there looking out for us, I thank you, and I will buy you a pint the first opportunity I get.

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